Are Portable Home Air Purifiers Worth It

Are Portable Home Air Purifiers Worth It?

Portable air purifiers have been gaining popularity among many homeowners. A lot of consumers have considered purchasing air purifiers despite their efforts to keep their homes clean and dust-free. You might still find some debate about their effectiveness on the internet which can make you think: are they really worth your money? 

Despite these uncertainties around a portable air purifier, its popularity in the market is undeniable. This popularity serves as solid proof of its effectiveness. But for you to come to a more informed conclusion, this article will tackle the benefits of portable purifiers. Find out what they are and how exactly they work compared to whole-house air purification systems. 


What Exactly Is a Portable Air Purifier?

This air purifier type is a freestanding unit—a device you can freely move. Unlike whole-house purification systems that you need to install in your home air ducts to use, you can place a portable purifier wherever you need and want it. Depending on its size, it can cover a specific room area; purifying and cleaning the air from harmful airborne particles. 


Benefits of Using Portable Home Air Purifiers

It’s true that these purifiers can remove a wide range of harmful particles and contaminants from the air. But aside from that, these are the specific benefits of portable purifiers: 

No Installation Required

Unlike big and permanent air purifying systems, portable purifiers don't need to be installed in fixed locations. It’s more adaptable and versatile. You can place it anywhere in the room, whether it’s near your bed or not. This is a huge advantage compared to whole-house purification systems where you have to install them in your HVAC system. 

With portable purifiers, you may simply have to assemble some parts, place them in your preferred location, and turn them on. You won’t need professional help to set it up and use it. 


Generally, portable air purifiers are more compact. This makes them suitable even in a small room. Because of this design, it helps save floor space in the room and doesn’t make it look crowded. There are even smaller units that you can simply place on tabletops or shelves to save more space. 

However, make sure to check the room size and specified coverage of an air purifier before you buy it. This is to ensure that that compact portable purifier can effectively clean the air in the room you plan to use it in. 


It would also be easy to carry small portable air purifiers wherever you go. You can bring and use it in the car, office, or cubicle. This way, you can enjoy clean air and breathe easier wherever you go. Plus, you can ensure that it will work as they can be used in various environments. This is a good advantage for people who usually struggle with asthma and allergies wherever they go. 

Ease of Maintenance

These purifiers are easier to clean and maintain by yourself. This is mainly because they’re lightweight and aren’t installed in a fixed position and location. You can easily shift them around and disassemble them to clean the insides, change the filters, or wash their pre-filters. 

Easy to Use

Portable air purifiers are super easy to use. First off, you typically don’t have to plug them into any wall outlet to use them, unless you have to charge it. Another thing is that they have simple controls, making them easy to operate. Some units are even packed with smart features and functions, like remote control, for more convenient usage. 

Advanced Filtration Systems

Generally, portable air purifiers use many types of filters to remove particles from the air. Most of the time, they combine a pre-filter, HEPA, activated carbon, and sometimes UV. This multi-stage filtration system effectively eliminates even the smallest particles. It also removes bad odors.


Final Verdict: Portable Purifiers Are Worth It

Overall, portable home air purifiers are definitely worth it and this is your sign to get your own. It’s a worthwhile investment for you and your family’s health and comfort. Enjoy cleaner air for less asthma and allergy attacks and more when at home. 

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